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Finding the best wireless doorbell can be a real challenge because there are a lot of models and you don’t know even where to start off. Another factor that contributes to this is technology because in nowadays because it is evolving the so called “smart” generation is present even when we talk about doorbells. Personally I really like to see exactly what is happening in front of my house no matter the situation. So yes, smart doorbells are important especially if you want to keep your house safe. A few years ago they started to appear and I recently started to analyze the one I should get for myself. It didn’t took me a lot of time to discover Skybell HD. So far I am really happy with it so I decided to give it a review and share with you what I think you need to know before thinking of buying one.


How it works

I figured to start our Skybell HD Review with an explainer on how this device works. So the principle behind it is of course as a classic doorbell but technology comes into play. Having a motion sensor incorporated Skybell HD starts to record as soon as the sensor gets activated or when a person will press the doorbell button. This means that you will get notify on your cell phone when probably a guest is in front of your door. It does this by being connected to the same wireless router as your phone. When you answer what happens is that you can communicate with the person and you can also see them on your phone screen while they can’t. In short terms these are the steps that Skybell HD fallows each time it’s put into use.


  • Motion sensor is able to detect any kind of movement from up to 7-8 feet away and once it does that it starts recording.
  • You will be able to check what is going on in front of your door from your phone.
  • Free Video Recording can be used to have videos for any future reference if you want to check a certain time of the day.
  • Color Night Vision will help you keep your hose safe recording video color even in the night and the quality will amaze you.
  • Another safety feature is photos snapping and you basically take pictures of guests or intruders.
  • You can set it to run up with multiple users.
  • It can work in extreme outdoor conditions as -40 F or as high as 140F and it also water resistant.



  1. Download on your phone the SkyBell HD app
  2. Create an account and select “Add a new SkyBell”
  3. Find a power source, SkyBell needs to be connected to a power adapter.
  4. Wait till the LED indicator on SkyBell HD starts to flash red and green
  5. Attach a mounting plate after you have figured out your power source
  • Attach to surface and mark the spots for screws
  • Use a drill and make holes for the screws
  • Pull the wiring and attach it
  • Add screws and mount the plate to the wall
  1. Attach Skybell to the mounting plate
  2. After installation and configuration you will be able to test SkyBell HD. Simply press the live view from the app or the Skybell button from the doorbell


Video Quality

The quality of pictures and audio on Skybell HD really surprised me. The camera is 1080p and you can use zoom while watching the video. This is interesting because if a person is standing quite far from the door you can zoom and see if you know that person. A thing that I recommend giving attention is the fact that if the WiFi signal is not strong the picture quality will not be as good so check that aspect. Also different brands of WiFi routers don’t work with Skybell so it’s probably to get a new or recently launched one. There will be experienced 1-2 second delay most of the times even if you have the best internet connection. Brightness of the LED can be changed. Overall I think the camera does offer enough quality for such a device but the connection can be a problem sometimes.

Audio Quality

If we start talking about this aspect I have to say that I haven’t had any problems so far hearing any person that was in front of my door. You can control the speaker volume from the app depending on the situation. I think they could have done a better job with the audio part. It’s not bad but it doesn’t seem to match the overall product identity.

Pros and cons of the product


  • Daytime video and color night vision are excellent
  • Physical set up is easy
  • You get free video storage and unlimited free downloads
  • HD Camera
  • Motion sensor works perfectly
  • Compatible with most devices
  • User interface
  • Looks really good


  • Speaker quality decent
  • Video call losing signal
  • Video delay
  • Customer support solutions
  • Connection with the WiFi router


When looking for a good smart doorbell that not only will keep you safe but also offer a great experience in terms of use Skybell HD can be your choice. Skybell HD has been tried and tested by many users and none of the users have had any negative experience using the product. So take your chance now and grab this product and start enjoying it. I really hope that the review of Skybell HD will help you in deciding easier if this product is the right one for you. From my point of view after I have tested it I can say that it’s one of the best on the market that I have seen. Probably the best thing about it is the fact that you don’t have to be an expert in order to use it and you also can store videos and download them whenever you want. Take another step towards a safer home with Skybell HD and if it has impressed you give it a chance.


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