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This article seeks to explain to a customer who wants to buy the best smart doorbell which has in itself a video camera, from a website called the Sly Gadget.net. The customer is a father who is being directed by 30 years old man who in this case is the sales man of the website products that are on sale. The salesman is the owner of the product being sold so he must do all the necessary introduction, as well as the qualities of the item that should be interesting to the father to buy. The camera is one of the best in the website and has recently received a lot of public in that it gives the best services that are needed for security purposes. The Sly Gadget website has been created to offer you as a customer to have a view of all the home automation products that you need in your homestead. This gives the ability to view the product specifications and at the same time buy the product online.


The ring video doorbell pro is a one of its type video camera that is versatile with the smartphone compatibility. The camera works with a select iOS and android devices.it uses Wi-Fi connectivity, has a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz processor. This makes the camera fully operational once it is installed with your home wireless network. Due to the high definition of the camera, the video quality is the best. On the other hand the audio quality is the best. But this will only be effective if there are object or individuals who are making noise or talking within the ring video coverage. However the sound may be affected when there are natural effects in the environment such as wind, thunder or rain.


Installation and product specifications

What you have to do is to download the Ring camera app into your smartphone the next thing will be to view the footage and receive alerts on your mobile device. Is that not simple? I know you already have a clue about it. You have to record a wide-angle definition video that will maintain a very clear view of your home’s entrance for best security. The optional cloud viewing enables you to have a clear footage of your home. This will enable you to keep an eye from a remote locate and be able to see who visits you and maybe what happened while you were away at a later time.

Other details about the product that you as a father of the homestead you would like to know;

The ring bell has a weight of 9.6 ounces

The product dimensions are 1X2X4.5 inches

It can only be used in an open area

The main components of the ring bell include the ring video doorbell pro, screwdriver, a 4 inch interchangeable faceplates, and optional wiring and connectors, a drill Bit, a pro power kit, installation screws as well as anchors and quick set-up guide.

The ring bell comes with a one year warranty

Pros and cons


  • You can monitor your home while far away from your smartphone
  • It is easy to install both the camera within the confines of your home and the app in your smartphone.
  • Night vision is enabled through the infrared LED that allows you to record the footage even in the dim lighting.
  • The camera has a speaker which will enable you to see as well as speak with your visitors with noise cancellation effects that offer clear audio.
  • It detects any kind of motion within the home
  • It is weather resistant
  • It has a lifetime purchase protection
  • It gives you as the user an opportunity to live view the videos on demand.
  • It has customized alert zones.


  • The camera may not be that effective when it is raining or there is thunder
  • When the power goes off the camera is not operational. So there is need to keep a power back up for the same that is automatic such that it can switch from electricity to the power back up system and back when the electricity is back.
  • The camera can be tempered with by bunglers or other people with bad intention once noticed. This will affect its operations and will not cover the footage as well as the audio.


The smart door bells are the best security for your homestead while you were away. It will enable you to what exactly is happening in your homestead while you are not at home. This will give you an option of viewing what is happening from your smartphone far away from home. This is an important feature that many customers love about the smart door bell. The thermostats are important too for the smart bell in that they save you the money and gives you all the best quality keep your home comfortable. The thermostats are easy to install and customize for the benefit of your needs.

This home automation website has a variety of products that can be installed in your home such as the ring doorbell pro. From my perspective, you will never miss a visitor again.


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