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Security in our homes should be a top priority, and you need not be smart to stay safe in your own house. Ring video doorbell is an epitome of the technological breakthrough that has been transforming over the years; with its advanced features, burglary, package theft and any other form of malicious crime should now be a forgotten story. Owning this product is more of a necessity; it’s a lifestyle worth adopting for advanced safety. To know more about this feature-rich product, take a look at this ring pro doorbell review to get you started.



With an ultra slim design, the Ring pro video doorbell comes with a Smartphone compatible technology; WIFI –connectivity (2.4 GHZ/ 5GHz), high-definition video recording, motion detectors and the ability to access and control it remotely. It works exceptionally well with windows 10 and most android & IOS devices; you only need to download the Ring app in your phone so as to receive alerts and view footage remotely. Since I installed this doorbell, I can easily keep an eye on my apartment and communicate with my visitors even when I am in my workplace.

The cameras record quality, a wide-angle video which maintains a clear view outside my home’s front door; I usually use the optional cloud recording which allows for later reviewing of the footage. Motion sensors detect any form of mechanical motion, pass the alerts to the Ring pro and allows for automatic recording.

At night, when optimum security is mandatory, this Video doorbell won’t let you down. My dog sometimes makes unnecessary moves at night; a distance from the front door and what I find in the cloud recording are high-definition footage even in the dim lighting. This must be so, due to the effective night vision properties of the Video doorbell.

Ring pro doorbell in its complete package; has four choices of interchangeable faceplates where you can easily get a perfect match for your home. Apart from the 1080p High-definition camera, 5/ 2.4 GHz WIFI and motion detectors, here are some included components.

  • Optional wiring & connectors
  • Pro power Kit
  • Drill Bit
  • Installation anchors and screws
  • Screwdriver
  • A quick set-up manual

How it works

Ring pro video doorbell is a two-way audio compatible device that allows an exchange of information with you having a live-view of the visitor. This device requires an existing hardwired doorbell for its effective functioning; meaning there is no need of a battery and the kind of recharging issues .Customizable alerts are there to inform you of any recording made at your main entrance.

Noise cancellation technology has been incorporated in this device and this works out by filtering any unwanted background noise disturbance which leads to clear audio communication.

Pros & Cons


The fact that this device can work remotely has been of great help to me. No missing visitors at home just because they didn’t inform me or I was out on a trip/ shopping and all those inconveniencies. Since it works on both mobile phones and desktop, I access the home environment by a simple sneak into my Smartphone.

The unique design of the Ring Pro has been made resistant to harsh weather conditions. The prices of the Ring video doorbell are pocket-friendly and worth the investment if you intend to keep security at its best. Upon a successful purchase, a lifetime limited warranty (usually one year) seals the deal. This is enough to get you a piece of mind while enjoying the lifetime experience this product has to offer.

All the tools you will need to set the Ring in place are provided for you. You don’t need an expert to fix this in place. The quick and easy installation process is another plus; I updated mine in five minutes and came out a success. Advance skills aren’t necessary; some basic read to understand in case you will need the quick set-up guide.


This product remains outstanding in all your home settings. You will only find this Ring pro applicable in your home if have the hardwired doorbell already installed. In the case of emergency, an intruder, bugler or impromptu visit from a friend, this quality of a video doorbell has got you covered.


The Ring Pro has stood the test of time and remains the source of joy for its customers expecting the very best in the series of products from the renowned company. Make some efforts count and purpose to keep your home secured with the best video doorbell.


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