Best Intercom Systems

Make your home smarter and communicate more efficiently than ever before with the world’s best intercom systems available

Home intercom systems have increased in popularity with the rise in smart home products. As we rely more and more on technology in our every day lives, we have come to need it in our homes and offices to make for better communication. Here is a list of the top rated intercom systems based on features, affordability and quality:

Top Rated Intercom Systems for Home and Office

Nucleus Intercom

The Nucleus Intercom is a video chat device that is able to connect your entire home through its system. It’s connected to Amazon Echo’s Alexa voice system, can connect to your mobile phone, has wifi connectivity, and can even connect to other homes. This intercom goes a step further than the traditional version by allowing for video interactions between rooms and homes worldwide. You can also use the intercom to call people on their mobile phones or tablets.



This system is compatible with both iOS and Android, it has voice and touch activation, two-way communication features, HD camera, and a LCD display.


The biggest issue with this device is the price tag, at $235 per unit it is much pricier than the other systems on this list, but does offer way more features and its the most technologically developed. It has also been reviewed as a beta version, saying there are still a few bugs that will likely be fixed in the next version.

If you like the full connectivity option of mobile, tablet and computers, this is the best wireless home intercom system that offers those services.

Chamberlain NLS2 Wireless Intercom

The Chamberlain NLS2 Wireless Intercom is a portable intercom system that works both indoors and outdoors and has a 1000 foot range. This intercom system comes in a set of two and features voice activation and a monitor.



The best aspects of this system are that it is compatible with other Chamberlain systems, it is wireless and needs no power connection, allows for multiples conversations at once, endless expansion with additional unites and offers a secure 900MHz digital communication.


While this system is significantly cheaper than the Nucleus Intercom, it suffers in product reliability and people have reported poor audio quality.

This is an affordable option for connecting your home quickly and will do the job efficiently.

Chamberlain NTD2 Wireless Indoor Outdoor Intercom

The Chamberlain NTD2 Wireless Indoor Outdoor Intercom also has a 1000 foot range and is built for outdoor use. It is weather resistant and battery-powered, for quick and easy setup and can be added to other Chamberlain intercom systems.



This product offers an easy setup, simple to use, wireless, battery powered and affordable.


This Chamberlain has no volume control, no doorbell option, and there tends to be a delay in communication. If you like this version but want additional features, you can link this system with the NDIS, NLS1 and NLS2 Chamberlain systems for greater coverage.

That being said, this is a no frills intercom service that can connect indoors and outdoors as needed.

Digital 3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System for Home and Office

The Digital 3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System is an advanced 3 pronged power-line service, available with three or four channels. It’s especially designed for home and office spaces with 3 wire AC outlets. The 3-Channel aspect means that you can communicate between two channels, without going through the third.



This system requires no installation since it is wireless, and is quick and easy to setup, has direct channel buttons that can call other stations, a lock option for the talk button for up to 10 hours, and the option to expand to unlimited amount of intercom stations.


This product can sometimes pick up random signals and experience interference, which can lead to an unreliable network.

Samcom 10-Channel Digital FM Wireless intercom System for Home and Office

The Samcom 10-Channel Digital FM Wireless Intercom system is excellent for both the home and office. This system features direct channel select buttons, a lock for the talking function, distance of 1000 feet, multi-channel operation for private discussions and an LCD display.



Positive aspects of this system include easy setup with the ability to move quickly from room to room, no installation required, you can speak with one person or the entire network at once, create different numbers for the different intercoms and it comes with a plug-in AC adapter.


One drawback of this system is that individual units have a limited range of 200 feet. This is ideal for smaller units to ensure connectivity and audio, but not reliable for bigger areas.

Intercom Central 246

The Intercom Central 246 is an advanced 3 wire system that uses the ground and neutral wires in your home to function. The system is set on the power-line of the building you connect it to, which means that it has the same range as your power-line.



The Intercom Central 246 has no radio signals, further reception than radio intercoms of up to 1500 feet, no crossover from power meters to others, volume control and circuitry that connects the power-line to the communication system.


This system does require outlets to be completely grounded, is not wireless and does not have a surge protector, which are a few major drawback in comparison to the others on this list.

The wireless feature is a huge advantage in the other systems listed since it provides adaptability and is much easier to install.


Wireless intercom systems are equipped to manage the communication needs in your home or office. Each system has its own individual pros and cons, and what might work for one family may not work for yours. While these are the six best wireless intercom systems out currently they vary widely in both price and features. If you are a techie who prides themselves on having all of the latest and greatest technology and love all smart items, the Nucleus Intercom is for you. If you are a family that is looking to connect upstairs so that you no longer have to yell for your children to come down for dinner, you can opt for the cheaper and less high-tech models. No matter your personal needs there is a home intercom system for everyone on this list.

Best Wireless Doorbells

I ditched my wired doorbell awhile ago, switching to a wireless doorbell that allowed me to take the chime wherever in the house I was and, because my ADD brain gets bored quickly, to change the doorbell sound whenever I wanted.

But recently, I upgraded from a wireless doorbell to a new video doorbell. I looked over all the video doorbell reviews and decided that the best doorbell for me was the Ring Pro, but I’ll go over all the top doorbells on the market and let you decide.

Types of doorbells

There are three types of doorbells on the market:

  • Wired
  • Wireless
  • Video

Features of doorbells

So, what features do you want in a doorbell? Whether it’s wired, wireless, or video, you definitely want ones that are weather-resistant, long-lasting, and reliable, and have clear, loud chimes.

Wireless doorbells require plenty of range and should easily connect between the push button and chime with as little delay as possible.

Video doorbells should have the latest in HD resolution, preferably 1080p, as well as built-in speakers and microphones for two-way conversations, motion sensors, and night vision capability.

Top Rated Doorbells Reviews

Video Doorbells Reviews

Ring Video Doorbell

One of the first video doorbells on the market, the Ring still does the trick. It includes motion sensors that detect when someone is on your front porch, infrared LEDs for night vision, see-and-speak capability with visitors from your smartphone or tablet, and a wide-angle HD camera.

It also has the capability to be hooked to your existing doorbell wiring or battery-operated, and you can customize the look with four different colored face plates.

That being said, because this is the earlier model, it’s missing a lot of bells and whistles. It doesn’t include on-demand video or PC browser support. Its boxy design may not look quite right on some house designs. Its 720p HD camera is outdated, and its audio quality is mediocre. Finally, it has a short battery life.

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring came out with its Pro version of the best smart doorbell earlier in 2016, and it definitely improved upon its older sibling. It’s the top-selling video doorbell on Amazon, and for good reason. The ringer is sleeker in design, the camera has been upgraded to full-resolution 1080p HD, it includes noise-cancellation technology for improved audio, and you can customize the motion zones to pick up movement only where you really want.


It also keeps all the features from the older version that customers loved—view footage and receive doorbell alerts on your mobile device, see-and-speak capability from anywhere in the world, four interchangeable face plates, and infrared LEDs for night vision.

However, like the older version, you have to subscribe to Ring’s cloud service to access video recordings of who visited your front porch. There are also two features that didn’t transfer from the older version—the Pro has no battery option, which makes it incompatible for apartment users who can’t just remove their wired doorbell, and users can’t adjust the sensitivity of the motion zones.

SkyBell HD Video Doorbell

This is SkyBell’s latest version and a definite improvement over its SkyBell 2.0 doorbell. It has many of the same features as the Ring Pro, including a 1080p HD video camera that most doorbell camera reviews say is the best doorbell camera on the market, as well as color night vision with adjustable LED brightness, two-way audio with visitors using your smartphone, on-demand viewing, and motion sensors that begin recording video upon detection, even if the doorbell isn’t pressed.


Unlike the Ring Pro, however, you don’t have to have a paid subscription to access videos off the cloud. You get free video storage and unlimited free downloads with the SkyBell HD.

The SkyBell HD does have its flaws, though. The Android app suffers in comparison with the iOS version, and you have consistent 1–2 second delays in video transmission. Also, users have reported mediocre audio quality and oversensitive motion sensors.

August Doorbell Cam

The latest entry into the video doorbell market is the August Doorbell Cam, and it also includes many of the same features as the Ring Pro and the Skybell HD. The 960p HD camera has a motion detector that activates whenever someone comes to your front porch, even if they don’t ring the doorbell. You get two-way audio with visitors from anywhere, and on-demand video allows you to monitor your front porch via a live feed. The smartphone app is easy to use, which is a definite plus.


The August Doorbell Cam is meant to be paired with the August Smart Lock, with several integrated features. You can screen who’s at your front door and unlock the door for them remotely, or you can lock your door if you forget when leaving your house.

However, this doorbell also has its knocks. For starters, it’s not the easiest system to install, and its square shape doesn’t fit every door frame. The system has to be hard-wired (no batteries allowed), and it isn’t compatible with either digital chimes or intercom systems. Finally, its night vision capability isn’t the best, because it doesn’t include built-in infrared LED lighting.

Wireless Doorbells Reviews

Honeywell Premium Wireless Doorbell

This is the best wireless doorbell around, receiving the highest marks from the Best Reviews Guide website with an average 9.9 (out of 10) score. The doorbell has a sleek, contemporary design that doesn’t look out of place on your door frame.


It has a self-learning code system, meaning it automatically adjusts to eliminate interference with other devices. It has a fully adjustable volume, and it works with up to three push buttons, door contacts, or motion detectors to signal when someone approaches your home or opens a door or window. You also can connect up to six transmitters to a single chime to put push buttons at multiple entrances. Finally, the chime unit has three visual alert icons to let you know which transmitter was pushed.

The pluses of this doorbell outweigh the minuses, but those do exist. The chime speaker is on the back, so if you mount it, the sound gets muffled. Speaking of sound, the volume adjustment button isn’t the most accessible, and you only can choose from three different chimes—three of the most popular, for sure, but still, just those three.

Jacob Jensen Wireless Doorbell

If your home is large and you need a doorbell that delivers a loud DING-DONG!, the Jacob Jensen is the choice for you. It’s a little pricier than other models, but for that extra money, you get an extra bang. It has a range of 450 feet from push button to chime receiver, meaning you can put it in a central location to maximize its effect.


And what an effect it has. You can hear this doorbell just about anywhere. You can choose from five tones, and you can use batteries or a plug-in adapter. The chime unit can be mounted or free-standing, and the push button doorbell can be mounted to the wall or secured with double-sided tape.

The only downsides are minor. You can adjust the volume to low, medium, and high, but nothing in-between. If you live in an apartment or small house, you may not require a doorbell that delivers this much sound, and you may not want to spend the extra bucks as a result.

Honeywell Series 9 Wireless Doorbell

A very simple doorbell, but one that is favored by the deaf and hearing-impaired community because it not only includes eight different chime options but also comes with an illuminated halo and LED strobe alerts with seven custom color choices to alert you of when someone rings the

The model also comes with an adjustable volume, sleep mode, and can be muted. You also has downloadable mp3 capability to add more chimes, and like the Honeywell Premium, you can connect up to six transmitters for push buttons, door contacts, and motion sensors. Finally, it comes with a Secret Knock function that allows you to know when a friend or family member is at the door.

About the only knock on this doorbell is that it’s battery operated, although it does have a microUSB slot for an external power supply that you can purchase separately.

GE Wireless Door Chime

A very simple doorbell that doesn’t have lots of features but gets the job done at a low price. The kit comes with either one or two push button units in either white or satin nickel, and a battery-operated white door chime that plays eight different sounds.


One nice feature if you purchase two push buttons is that you can program a different chime for each, so you know which doorbell is being pushed. It also has three volume adjustments.

SadoTech CXR Wireless Doorbell

Another entry in the inexpensive wireless doorbell category, the SadoTech CXR provides similar bang for your buck as the GE model, although with different features to choose from.


The SadoTech CXR comes with two plug-in receivers and only one push button, so while you can only install it on one door, you can hear the doorbell both inside your house and a work shed or barn thanks to the receivers’ operating 500-foot range that can extend to nearly 1,000 feet in open areas. You can also choose from 52 chimes—each unit can use its own ringtone—adjustable to four volume levels from 25–110 decibels, and it also comes with LED indicators.

The biggest downside to this model is that it comes with only the one remote button, and you can’t program it to add multiple doorbells. It also can’t be configured with motion or door sensors.

NuTone Wired Two-Note Door Chime (NOTE: THIS ISN’T WIRELESS)

Our final selection is a great addition to any home. This model easily connects to older pre-wired homes to replace your outdated chime, providing a two-note chime for your front door and a single-note for a secondary doorbell.


The NuTone does require a 16-volt transformer, which isn’t included with purchase, but it delivers quality sound that can be heard throughout your house.


Ring vs Ring Pro

OK, this is like comparing the XBox 360 with the XBox One. Or Windows 7 and Windows 10. The Ring Doorbell vs. Ring Doorbell Pro comparison requires you to forget about a couple features that you really liked in the old version because you’re in love with all the additional features of the new version.

If you live in an apartment or a rental home, you’ll want to stay with the older model, because it works on batteries. Otherwise, you’ll probably want to upgrade to the Ring Pro because of its advanced features—1080p HD camera vs. 720p, customized motion zones, and so much more.

Skybell HD vs Ring Pro

Can I just flip a coin? These two are the market leaders for a reason. They both have very similar features, are well-designed, and are reliable and durable.

So what are their differences? The Ring Pro allows you to customize your motion sensor zones, and its noise-cancellation features provide superior audio. The SkyBell HD comes with free cloud video storage capability, allows you to change the level of sensitivity of its motion sensors, and has a wider range of operation temperatures, especially in colder climates.

In the end, I’d say the Ring Pro noses out the SkyBell HD for the title of best video doorbell, but I don’t think you can go wrong with either one.

Ring Pro vs August Doorbell Cam

The Ring Pro is the undisputed leader, but the August Doorbell Cam is zooming up the charts as the company works out the kinks as the newcomer in the group.

The August doorbell has the better design and is Bluetooth compatible, but it’s much more difficult to install and its view angles are inferior. It also doesn’t come with night vision capability.

That being said, the August Doorbell Cam was well behind the Ring Pro when it was first released, but with each update, it’s adding features (cloud recording and motion sensors, for example), and when paired with an August Smart Lock, it’s a great combination.

SkyBell HD vs August Doorbell Cam

Again, to me, it’s no contest—the SkyBell HD is the choice for now, but let’s see what August Doorbell Cam does as it matures. Until then, SkyBell’s superior features and video camera, easier installation, and free cloud recording put it on top.


As you can see, there are plenty of choices out there if you want to upgrade to a wireless or video doorbell. Hopefully, this review helps you decide which features are most important to you in order to find the best doorbell for you.


Ring Doorbell Pro Review

Security in our homes should be a top priority, and you need not be smart to stay safe in your own house. Ring video doorbell is an epitome of the technological breakthrough that has been transforming over the years; with its advanced features, burglary, package theft and any other form of malicious crime should now be a forgotten story. Owning this product is more of a necessity; it’s a lifestyle worth adopting for advanced safety. To know more about this feature-rich product, take a look at this ring pro doorbell review to get you started.



With an ultra slim design, the Ring pro video doorbell comes with a Smartphone compatible technology; WIFI –connectivity (2.4 GHZ/ 5GHz), high-definition video recording, motion detectors and the ability to access and control it remotely. It works exceptionally well with windows 10 and most android & IOS devices; you only need to download the Ring app in your phone so as to receive alerts and view footage remotely. Since I installed this doorbell, I can easily keep an eye on my apartment and communicate with my visitors even when I am in my workplace.

The cameras record quality, a wide-angle video which maintains a clear view outside my home’s front door; I usually use the optional cloud recording which allows for later reviewing of the footage. Motion sensors detect any form of mechanical motion, pass the alerts to the Ring pro and allows for automatic recording.

At night, when optimum security is mandatory, this Video doorbell won’t let you down. My dog sometimes makes unnecessary moves at night; a distance from the front door and what I find in the cloud recording are high-definition footage even in the dim lighting. This must be so, due to the effective night vision properties of the Video doorbell.

Ring pro doorbell in its complete package; has four choices of interchangeable faceplates where you can easily get a perfect match for your home. Apart from the 1080p High-definition camera, 5/ 2.4 GHz WIFI and motion detectors, here are some included components.

  • Optional wiring & connectors
  • Pro power Kit
  • Drill Bit
  • Installation anchors and screws
  • Screwdriver
  • A quick set-up manual

How it works

Ring pro video doorbell is a two-way audio compatible device that allows an exchange of information with you having a live-view of the visitor. This device requires an existing hardwired doorbell for its effective functioning; meaning there is no need of a battery and the kind of recharging issues .Customizable alerts are there to inform you of any recording made at your main entrance.

Noise cancellation technology has been incorporated in this device and this works out by filtering any unwanted background noise disturbance which leads to clear audio communication.

Pros & Cons


The fact that this device can work remotely has been of great help to me. No missing visitors at home just because they didn’t inform me or I was out on a trip/ shopping and all those inconveniencies. Since it works on both mobile phones and desktop, I access the home environment by a simple sneak into my Smartphone.

The unique design of the Ring Pro has been made resistant to harsh weather conditions. The prices of the Ring video doorbell are pocket-friendly and worth the investment if you intend to keep security at its best. Upon a successful purchase, a lifetime limited warranty (usually one year) seals the deal. This is enough to get you a piece of mind while enjoying the lifetime experience this product has to offer.

All the tools you will need to set the Ring in place are provided for you. You don’t need an expert to fix this in place. The quick and easy installation process is another plus; I updated mine in five minutes and came out a success. Advance skills aren’t necessary; some basic read to understand in case you will need the quick set-up guide.


This product remains outstanding in all your home settings. You will only find this Ring pro applicable in your home if have the hardwired doorbell already installed. In the case of emergency, an intruder, bugler or impromptu visit from a friend, this quality of a video doorbell has got you covered.


The Ring Pro has stood the test of time and remains the source of joy for its customers expecting the very best in the series of products from the renowned company. Make some efforts count and purpose to keep your home secured with the best video doorbell.


Ring Doorbell Review

This article seeks to explain to a customer who wants to buy the best smart doorbell which has in itself a video camera, from a website called the Sly The customer is a father who is being directed by 30 years old man who in this case is the sales man of the website products that are on sale. The salesman is the owner of the product being sold so he must do all the necessary introduction, as well as the qualities of the item that should be interesting to the father to buy. The camera is one of the best in the website and has recently received a lot of public in that it gives the best services that are needed for security purposes. The Sly Gadget website has been created to offer you as a customer to have a view of all the home automation products that you need in your homestead. This gives the ability to view the product specifications and at the same time buy the product online.


The ring video doorbell pro is a one of its type video camera that is versatile with the smartphone compatibility. The camera works with a select iOS and android uses Wi-Fi connectivity, has a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz processor. This makes the camera fully operational once it is installed with your home wireless network. Due to the high definition of the camera, the video quality is the best. On the other hand the audio quality is the best. But this will only be effective if there are object or individuals who are making noise or talking within the ring video coverage. However the sound may be affected when there are natural effects in the environment such as wind, thunder or rain.


Installation and product specifications

What you have to do is to download the Ring camera app into your smartphone the next thing will be to view the footage and receive alerts on your mobile device. Is that not simple? I know you already have a clue about it. You have to record a wide-angle definition video that will maintain a very clear view of your home’s entrance for best security. The optional cloud viewing enables you to have a clear footage of your home. This will enable you to keep an eye from a remote locate and be able to see who visits you and maybe what happened while you were away at a later time.

Other details about the product that you as a father of the homestead you would like to know;

The ring bell has a weight of 9.6 ounces

The product dimensions are 1X2X4.5 inches

It can only be used in an open area

The main components of the ring bell include the ring video doorbell pro, screwdriver, a 4 inch interchangeable faceplates, and optional wiring and connectors, a drill Bit, a pro power kit, installation screws as well as anchors and quick set-up guide.

The ring bell comes with a one year warranty

Pros and cons


  • You can monitor your home while far away from your smartphone
  • It is easy to install both the camera within the confines of your home and the app in your smartphone.
  • Night vision is enabled through the infrared LED that allows you to record the footage even in the dim lighting.
  • The camera has a speaker which will enable you to see as well as speak with your visitors with noise cancellation effects that offer clear audio.
  • It detects any kind of motion within the home
  • It is weather resistant
  • It has a lifetime purchase protection
  • It gives you as the user an opportunity to live view the videos on demand.
  • It has customized alert zones.


  • The camera may not be that effective when it is raining or there is thunder
  • When the power goes off the camera is not operational. So there is need to keep a power back up for the same that is automatic such that it can switch from electricity to the power back up system and back when the electricity is back.
  • The camera can be tempered with by bunglers or other people with bad intention once noticed. This will affect its operations and will not cover the footage as well as the audio.


The smart door bells are the best security for your homestead while you were away. It will enable you to what exactly is happening in your homestead while you are not at home. This will give you an option of viewing what is happening from your smartphone far away from home. This is an important feature that many customers love about the smart door bell. The thermostats are important too for the smart bell in that they save you the money and gives you all the best quality keep your home comfortable. The thermostats are easy to install and customize for the benefit of your needs.

This home automation website has a variety of products that can be installed in your home such as the ring doorbell pro. From my perspective, you will never miss a visitor again.


Skybell HD Review

Finding the best wireless doorbell can be a real challenge because there are a lot of models and you don’t know even where to start off. Another factor that contributes to this is technology because in nowadays because it is evolving the so called “smart” generation is present even when we talk about doorbells. Personally I really like to see exactly what is happening in front of my house no matter the situation. So yes, smart doorbells are important especially if you want to keep your house safe. A few years ago they started to appear and I recently started to analyze the one I should get for myself. It didn’t took me a lot of time to discover Skybell HD. So far I am really happy with it so I decided to give it a review and share with you what I think you need to know before thinking of buying one.


How it works

I figured to start our Skybell HD Review with an explainer on how this device works. So the principle behind it is of course as a classic doorbell but technology comes into play. Having a motion sensor incorporated Skybell HD starts to record as soon as the sensor gets activated or when a person will press the doorbell button. This means that you will get notify on your cell phone when probably a guest is in front of your door. It does this by being connected to the same wireless router as your phone. When you answer what happens is that you can communicate with the person and you can also see them on your phone screen while they can’t. In short terms these are the steps that Skybell HD fallows each time it’s put into use.


  • Motion sensor is able to detect any kind of movement from up to 7-8 feet away and once it does that it starts recording.
  • You will be able to check what is going on in front of your door from your phone.
  • Free Video Recording can be used to have videos for any future reference if you want to check a certain time of the day.
  • Color Night Vision will help you keep your hose safe recording video color even in the night and the quality will amaze you.
  • Another safety feature is photos snapping and you basically take pictures of guests or intruders.
  • You can set it to run up with multiple users.
  • It can work in extreme outdoor conditions as -40 F or as high as 140F and it also water resistant.



  1. Download on your phone the SkyBell HD app
  2. Create an account and select “Add a new SkyBell”
  3. Find a power source, SkyBell needs to be connected to a power adapter.
  4. Wait till the LED indicator on SkyBell HD starts to flash red and green
  5. Attach a mounting plate after you have figured out your power source
  • Attach to surface and mark the spots for screws
  • Use a drill and make holes for the screws
  • Pull the wiring and attach it
  • Add screws and mount the plate to the wall
  1. Attach Skybell to the mounting plate
  2. After installation and configuration you will be able to test SkyBell HD. Simply press the live view from the app or the Skybell button from the doorbell


Video Quality

The quality of pictures and audio on Skybell HD really surprised me. The camera is 1080p and you can use zoom while watching the video. This is interesting because if a person is standing quite far from the door you can zoom and see if you know that person. A thing that I recommend giving attention is the fact that if the WiFi signal is not strong the picture quality will not be as good so check that aspect. Also different brands of WiFi routers don’t work with Skybell so it’s probably to get a new or recently launched one. There will be experienced 1-2 second delay most of the times even if you have the best internet connection. Brightness of the LED can be changed. Overall I think the camera does offer enough quality for such a device but the connection can be a problem sometimes.

Audio Quality

If we start talking about this aspect I have to say that I haven’t had any problems so far hearing any person that was in front of my door. You can control the speaker volume from the app depending on the situation. I think they could have done a better job with the audio part. It’s not bad but it doesn’t seem to match the overall product identity.

Pros and cons of the product


  • Daytime video and color night vision are excellent
  • Physical set up is easy
  • You get free video storage and unlimited free downloads
  • HD Camera
  • Motion sensor works perfectly
  • Compatible with most devices
  • User interface
  • Looks really good


  • Speaker quality decent
  • Video call losing signal
  • Video delay
  • Customer support solutions
  • Connection with the WiFi router


When looking for a good smart doorbell that not only will keep you safe but also offer a great experience in terms of use Skybell HD can be your choice. Skybell HD has been tried and tested by many users and none of the users have had any negative experience using the product. So take your chance now and grab this product and start enjoying it. I really hope that the review of Skybell HD will help you in deciding easier if this product is the right one for you. From my point of view after I have tested it I can say that it’s one of the best on the market that I have seen. Probably the best thing about it is the fact that you don’t have to be an expert in order to use it and you also can store videos and download them whenever you want. Take another step towards a safer home with Skybell HD and if it has impressed you give it a chance.


August Doorbell Cam Review

We’d had a rash of break-ins throughout our neighborhood recently, and I didn’t want our house to be next. I’d heard of smart doorbells, which allow you to appear to be at home no matter where you, and thought I might want one for my house. I started doing some research and came across an August Doorbell Cam review online. Once I finished reading, I knew my search was over. This was the doorbell camera for my house.august-cam

How it works

The August Doorbell Cam works in conjunction with an August Smart Lock to provide you with the best security possible. The camera has a motion detector that activates whenever someone comes to your front porch, even if they don’t ring the doorbell, and sends an alert to your smartphone.

You get one-way video of your visitor, and you can even have a conversation with them through your smartphone’s August app—whether you’re in your bedroom or at the grocery store a mile away.


  • Alerts every time your doorbell is rung
  • On-demand video provides a live feed to monitor whoever is outside your front door
  • One-way HD camera lets you see who’s there, without them being able to look back
  • The camera records each time a visitor comes to your door for easy replay

Some features require you to also have an August Smart Lock installed. Now that I’ve had my doorbell camera a few months, the lock will be my next purchase. Here’s why:

  • You can lock and unlock your door with the touch of a button. Screen who’s at the door, decide to let them in, then unlock the door for them remotely
  • Check your lock’s status anytime. You have no idea how many times I forget to lock the front door, so not having to drive home to check erases one headache from my life
  • You get alerts every time someone enters or leaves your house


This was a little trickier than I would have liked, but I was finally able to install it after reading through the directions twice—the second time, a little more carefully. The box comes with all the mounting hardware you need, including that little wrench I always seem to lose from my previous DIY project.

The doorbell cam connects to your existing analog wired doorbell and uses its existing current. You will need a steady Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth capability on your smartphone to use the app.


Video Quality

When I was reading all the online reviews, the August doorbell cam’s video quality was what sold me on this product. It comes with a 960H camera with HD quality video and a 140-degree field of view. As said in its review, “The camera gives it a clear win in the range of other products available,” and I have to agree.

Audio Quality

I haven’t had any issues with the audio quality, and when I looked through all the August doorbell reviews, I didn’t see any reports of problems. It’s nothing fancy—a simple built-in microphone and speaker installed in the doorbell frame—but gets the job done.

Pros & Cons


  • I love the motion-sensing camera that alerts you if someone comes to your front porch, whether the doorbell is rung or not
  • It records video of all visitors, so if you missed someone or just want to replay a conversation—say, if the police come knocking about prowlers in the neighborhood—you can do so through the app
  • You get live video and two-way audio to interact with visitors
  • I also like the look of the square doorbell casing better than some of the other top-selling models out there, and while I chose the black model, you might like the silver better
  • Once I get the August smart lock that works with the doorbell cam, I’ll have a perfectly integrated security system that I can control with one app


  • OK, like I said, I didn’t like how involved the installation process was. It requires mounting brackets, which put a couple new holes into the side of my house, and the casing doesn’t always fit into your door frame
  • It doesn’t come with an infrared LED light for night vision, so if you forget to turn your porch light on, you don’t get the best view
  • While a lot of the bells and whistles have been added, be aware that August can sometimes be slow with updates


I am very happy with my purchase of the August Doorbell Cam—so happy, I’m going to add the smart lock real soon. I don’t know if the doorbell cam scared off the burglary gang that’s roamed our neighborhood, but I haven’t been hit yet, and I sleep easier knowing that the doorbell cam is on the job to keep them away. You can check out more smart doorbells here.