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Make your home smarter and communicate more efficiently than ever before with the world’s best intercom systems available

Home intercom systems have increased in popularity with the rise in smart home products. As we rely more and more on technology in our every day lives, we have come to need it in our homes and offices to make for better communication. Here is a list of the top rated intercom systems based on features, affordability and quality:

Top Rated Intercom Systems for Home and Office

Nucleus Intercom

The Nucleus Intercom is a video chat device that is able to connect your entire home through its system. It’s connected to Amazon Echo’s Alexa voice system, can connect to your mobile phone, has wifi connectivity, and can even connect to other homes. This intercom goes a step further than the traditional version by allowing for video interactions between rooms and homes worldwide. You can also use the intercom to call people on their mobile phones or tablets.



This system is compatible with both iOS and Android, it has voice and touch activation, two-way communication features, HD camera, and a LCD display.


The biggest issue with this device is the price tag, at $235 per unit it is much pricier than the other systems on this list, but does offer way more features and its the most technologically developed. It has also been reviewed as a beta version, saying there are still a few bugs that will likely be fixed in the next version.

If you like the full connectivity option of mobile, tablet and computers, this is the best wireless home intercom system that offers those services.

Chamberlain NLS2 Wireless Intercom

The Chamberlain NLS2 Wireless Intercom is a portable intercom system that works both indoors and outdoors and has a 1000 foot range. This intercom system comes in a set of two and features voice activation and a monitor.



The best aspects of this system are that it is compatible with other Chamberlain systems, it is wireless and needs no power connection, allows for multiples conversations at once, endless expansion with additional unites and offers a secure 900MHz digital communication.


While this system is significantly cheaper than the Nucleus Intercom, it suffers in product reliability and people have reported poor audio quality.

This is an affordable option for connecting your home quickly and will do the job efficiently.

Chamberlain NTD2 Wireless Indoor Outdoor Intercom

The Chamberlain NTD2 Wireless Indoor Outdoor Intercom also has a 1000 foot range and is built for outdoor use. It is weather resistant and battery-powered, for quick and easy setup and can be added to other Chamberlain intercom systems.



This product offers an easy setup, simple to use, wireless, battery powered and affordable.


This Chamberlain has no volume control, no doorbell option, and there tends to be a delay in communication. If you like this version but want additional features, you can link this system with the NDIS, NLS1 and NLS2 Chamberlain systems for greater coverage.

That being said, this is a no frills intercom service that can connect indoors and outdoors as needed.

Digital 3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System for Home and Office

The Digital 3-Channel FM Wireless Intercom System is an advanced 3 pronged power-line service, available with three or four channels. It’s especially designed for home and office spaces with 3 wire AC outlets. The 3-Channel aspect means that you can communicate between two channels, without going through the third.



This system requires no installation since it is wireless, and is quick and easy to setup, has direct channel buttons that can call other stations, a lock option for the talk button for up to 10 hours, and the option to expand to unlimited amount of intercom stations.


This product can sometimes pick up random signals and experience interference, which can lead to an unreliable network.

Samcom 10-Channel Digital FM Wireless intercom System for Home and Office

The Samcom 10-Channel Digital FM Wireless Intercom system is excellent for both the home and office. This system features direct channel select buttons, a lock for the talking function, distance of 1000 feet, multi-channel operation for private discussions and an LCD display.



Positive aspects of this system include easy setup with the ability to move quickly from room to room, no installation required, you can speak with one person or the entire network at once, create different numbers for the different intercoms and it comes with a plug-in AC adapter.


One drawback of this system is that individual units have a limited range of 200 feet. This is ideal for smaller units to ensure connectivity and audio, but not reliable for bigger areas.

Intercom Central 246

The Intercom Central 246 is an advanced 3 wire system that uses the ground and neutral wires in your home to function. The system is set on the power-line of the building you connect it to, which means that it has the same range as your power-line.



The Intercom Central 246 has no radio signals, further reception than radio intercoms of up to 1500 feet, no crossover from power meters to others, volume control and circuitry that connects the power-line to the communication system.


This system does require outlets to be completely grounded, is not wireless and does not have a surge protector, which are a few major drawback in comparison to the others on this list.

The wireless feature is a huge advantage in the other systems listed since it provides adaptability and is much easier to install.


Wireless intercom systems are equipped to manage the communication needs in your home or office. Each system has its own individual pros and cons, and what might work for one family may not work for yours. While these are the six best wireless intercom systems out currently they vary widely in both price and features. If you are a techie who prides themselves on having all of the latest and greatest technology and love all smart items, the Nucleus Intercom is for you. If you are a family that is looking to connect upstairs so that you no longer have to yell for your children to come down for dinner, you can opt for the cheaper and less high-tech models. No matter your personal needs there is a home intercom system for everyone on this list.

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