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We’d had a rash of break-ins throughout our neighborhood recently, and I didn’t want our house to be next. I’d heard of smart doorbells, which allow you to appear to be at home no matter where you, and thought I might want one for my house. I started doing some research and came across an August Doorbell Cam review online. Once I finished reading, I knew my search was over. This was the doorbell camera for my house.august-cam

How it works

The August Doorbell Cam works in conjunction with an August Smart Lock to provide you with the best security possible. The camera has a motion detector that activates whenever someone comes to your front porch, even if they don’t ring the doorbell, and sends an alert to your smartphone.

You get one-way video of your visitor, and you can even have a conversation with them through your smartphone’s August app—whether you’re in your bedroom or at the grocery store a mile away.


  • Alerts every time your doorbell is rung
  • On-demand video provides a live feed to monitor whoever is outside your front door
  • One-way HD camera lets you see who’s there, without them being able to look back
  • The camera records each time a visitor comes to your door for easy replay

Some features require you to also have an August Smart Lock installed. Now that I’ve had my doorbell camera a few months, the lock will be my next purchase. Here’s why:

  • You can lock and unlock your door with the touch of a button. Screen who’s at the door, decide to let them in, then unlock the door for them remotely
  • Check your lock’s status anytime. You have no idea how many times I forget to lock the front door, so not having to drive home to check erases one headache from my life
  • You get alerts every time someone enters or leaves your house


This was a little trickier than I would have liked, but I was finally able to install it after reading through the directions twice—the second time, a little more carefully. The box comes with all the mounting hardware you need, including that little wrench I always seem to lose from my previous DIY project.

The doorbell cam connects to your existing analog wired doorbell and uses its existing current. You will need a steady Wi-Fi connection and Bluetooth capability on your smartphone to use the app.


Video Quality

When I was reading all the online reviews, the August doorbell cam’s video quality was what sold me on this product. It comes with a 960H camera with HD quality video and a 140-degree field of view. As said in its review, “The camera gives it a clear win in the range of other products available,” and I have to agree.

Audio Quality

I haven’t had any issues with the audio quality, and when I looked through all the August doorbell reviews, I didn’t see any reports of problems. It’s nothing fancy—a simple built-in microphone and speaker installed in the doorbell frame—but gets the job done.

Pros & Cons


  • I love the motion-sensing camera that alerts you if someone comes to your front porch, whether the doorbell is rung or not
  • It records video of all visitors, so if you missed someone or just want to replay a conversation—say, if the police come knocking about prowlers in the neighborhood—you can do so through the app
  • You get live video and two-way audio to interact with visitors
  • I also like the look of the square doorbell casing better than some of the other top-selling models out there, and while I chose the black model, you might like the silver better
  • Once I get the August smart lock that works with the doorbell cam, I’ll have a perfectly integrated security system that I can control with one app


  • OK, like I said, I didn’t like how involved the installation process was. It requires mounting brackets, which put a couple new holes into the side of my house, and the casing doesn’t always fit into your door frame
  • It doesn’t come with an infrared LED light for night vision, so if you forget to turn your porch light on, you don’t get the best view
  • While a lot of the bells and whistles have been added, be aware that August can sometimes be slow with updates


I am very happy with my purchase of the August Doorbell Cam—so happy, I’m going to add the smart lock real soon. I don’t know if the doorbell cam scared off the burglary gang that’s roamed our neighborhood, but I haven’t been hit yet, and I sleep easier knowing that the doorbell cam is on the job to keep them away. You can check out more smart doorbells here.

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